Thursday, March 15, 2012

Kentucky House Bill 336 and the Family Foundation of Kentucky

By: Will Taylor, Southeastern Kentucky Regional Director

This post from the Family Foundation of Kentucky is hardly worth our attention, but apparently the Family Foundation of Kentucky is taking Kentucky Equality Federation talking points since our press release was first.

To be clear, Kentucky Equality Federation supports Sr. Representative Ruth Ann Palumbo and any Represenative who tries to protect Kentucky children.  We agree with Representative Palumbo's statement.

However, as we reported, after receiving multiple school bullying reports across the commonwealth and contacting the schools, they knew nothing about EXISTING Kentucky School Bullying laws.  So Kentucky Equality Federation's Discrimination, Hate Crimes, and School Bullying Committee decided to act with the full support of our legal representation, President Palmer, and Vice President Koch.

School bullying laws need to be stronger, we have lost too many children to suicide and anyone who would dispute that is an idiot. However, the Kentucky Education Cabinet needs to educate principals and school officials on the current law which was the point of our warning to several schools.

Kentucky Equality Federation will ensure Kentucky School Bullying laws are enforced or we will sue to schools in question. So far, cooperation from the schools has been wonderful.  In addition, I guess the Family Foundation of Kentucky missed the article today about people being arrested by the FBI for hate crimes.  We have a new U.S. Attorney who will not tolerate hate crimes.

My region of Kentucky Equality Federation does not take marching from the Louisville Fairness Campaign as suggested; we will assist them, we support them, but the marching orders for my region come from legal representation, Policy (Vice President Joshua Koch), the President (Jordan Palmer), the Board of Directors, or as I deem appropriate.

As the Regional Director for Southeastern Kentucky, I have broad discretionary authority to act without seeking permission from anyone.

How desperate and sad the Family Foundation of Kentucky must be to try to play Kentucky Equality Federation against Louisville Fairness.

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