Monday, October 21, 2013

Pride and Politics: The fight for marriage equality in Kentucky

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The Kentucky Equality Federation, GoProud, Marriage Equality Kentucky, and special guest Libertarian Girl enjoyed a very successful event on the 2nd Floor of Lexington's Soundbar on Friday, October 18th to voice support for marriage equality in Kentucky.

The goal of this event was to raise awareness that Kentucky is still one of the 37 states where the freedom to marry is not guaranteed to all citizens. Kentucky Equality Federation Vice President of Legal Jillian Hall, Esq., and President Jordan Palmer also spoke about Kentucky Equality Federation's lawsuit against Kentucky for marriage equality in Kentucky Equality Federation v. Commonwealth of Kentucky.

No suggested donation was made for the event and no donations were solicited from the public.

Marriage freedom is becoming more socially embraced every day and it is time to act upon this social movement to repeal Kentucky’s constitutional ban on same-sex marriage. The fight for marriage equality is a movement in this county that has great potential to unite Republicans, Democrats, and Libertarians, while encouraging partisan unity in this time of political gridlock.

Pride and Politics provided an opportunity to network with other LGBTI advocates and to meet individuals with varying political perspectives.

Kentucky Equality Federation officials who attended the event included the heads of two (2) of the three (3) primary organs of Kentucky Equality Federation, though the third (3rd) was represented.  The head of Administration, President Jordan Palmer [in a somewhat rare public appearance] arrived with the head of the Board of Directors, Chairman Brandon Combs.

Sherri Davis also attended representing Official Membership, the third (3rd) organ of the Kentucky Equality Federation whose members appoint the president and the board of directors. Official Membership or an interim committee created to act for them has "supreme authority" over the organization.

Vice President of Legal Jillian Hall, Esq., Vice President of Policy & Public Relations Joshua Koch, and Board Secretary Fran Everage rounded out the officials representing Kentucky Equality Federation and its members or component organizations.

During his speech Kentucky Equality Federation President Col. Jordan Palmer thanked GoProud and Party Polling. Palmer asked the crown what they wanted, "regardless of political affiliation."  The crowd shouted.  Palmer responded, saying "I wouldn't say no to that, but I think we can do better," and the crowd shouted their goal even louder. The goal?  Equality.

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