Friday, December 13, 2013

Chair Update: Equality and Political Parties

Letter from the Chairman of the Board
Equality and Political Parties

To my fellow citizens-

In reviewing several items of interest, I determined it is time for an update from the Office of the Chair. I would like to begin by sending my commendations out to our President, Mr. Jordan Palmer. We have filed a lawsuit, Kentucky Equality Federation v. Commonwealth of Kentucky, which challenges the constitutionality of the amendment banning marriage equality. Behind closed doors I have played witness to the countless hours, triumphs, and misgivings this process has caused. If you get the opportunity, please remember to thank him for his continued efforts in the fight for Equality throughout the Commonwealth.

Today I want to talk about politics and the fight for Equality. We, at the Kentucky Equality Federation, do not align ourselves with a particular political party. Instead, we aim to build bridges across all parties. It is true that in most states, the Democratic Party has a better track record than Republicans with regards to marriage equality. It is also true that the smaller parties, Libertarians and Modern Whigs, also support marriage equality, and Marriage Equality Kentucky, a member of Kentucky Equality Federation.

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Kentucky Attorney General opposes same-sex marriage

Kentucky Attorney General opposes same-sex marriage though the lawsuit remains on-going after months of briefs and motions. In Kentucky Equality Federation v. Commonwealth of Kentucky (for marriage equality), Kentucky Attorney General Jack Conway claims a married same-sex couple, "does not have standing to challenge Kentucky's definition of marriage," and that our claim, as well as that of our individual members, does not qualify as an "injury." Likewise, Governor Steve Beshear's attorney asked the Court to "deny that Plaintiffs are entitled to the requested relief or any other relief whatsoever."

Reactions at Kentucky Equality Federation on this ongoing court case are as follows and released by the Department of Policy & Pubic Relations: