Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Kentucky Attorney General opposes same-sex marriage

Kentucky Attorney General opposes same-sex marriage though the lawsuit remains on-going after months of briefs and motions. In Kentucky Equality Federation v. Commonwealth of Kentucky (for marriage equality), Kentucky Attorney General Jack Conway claims a married same-sex couple, "does not have standing to challenge Kentucky's definition of marriage," and that our claim, as well as that of our individual members, does not qualify as an "injury." Likewise, Governor Steve Beshear's attorney asked the Court to "deny that Plaintiffs are entitled to the requested relief or any other relief whatsoever."

Reactions at Kentucky Equality Federation on this ongoing court case are as follows and released by the Department of Policy & Pubic Relations:  

"Attorney General Conway told the news in an unrelated case when a Judge requested his official legal opinion that he was not going to be drawn into the same-sex marriage debate and refused the Judge's request to issue an opinion. Well Mr. Attorney General, you have just inject yourself into the same-sex marriage debate and sadly, you have come out against the LGBTI community.

With Gregory Bourke and Michael De Leon of Louisville, who were married in Canada nine years ago, the Kentucky Attorney General said the state's same-sex marriage ban should stand but acknowledge overturning it would grant gay couples the same legal protections as straight couples." - Brandon Combs, Chairman of the Board

"As a Constitutional Officer, Attorney General Conway did NOT have to challenge the court case; he could have declined to file anything and allowed it to go to "Summary Judgment" and continue to permit Kentucky Courts to decide the case without opposition from the head of the commonwealth's Department of Law.  I'm not sure how the Attorney General defines "injury," but every citizen and corporation may bring lawsuit against our governments.  As a government for the people by the people, we most definitely have the right to challenge any definition or law the Commonwealth burdens her citizens with." - Jordan Palmer, President

"For a person aspiring to higher office, such as being, potentially, the next Governor of the Commonwealth of Kentucky, we find this response from Attorney General Conway to be radically immoral, unjust, and out of touch with the current attitude of constituents. Further, this is out of touch with the growing sense of true equality in the Commonwealth, which use to lead the region on civil rights recognition." - Joshua Koch, Vice President of Policy & Public Relations

"This definitely shows me how much harder we have to continue to work to show people, especially our public servants, that our fight for equality isn't just a passing fad. The reaction of Attorney General Jack Conway is very disappointing." - Charley Wolford, Western Kentucky Regional Director

In 2010, Attorney General Jack Conway publicly opposed same-sex marriage to the Lexington Herald-Leader, and additionally, a 2010 The Courier-Journal review of Conway's public statements over the last decade found that while he does have liberal views on some issues such as abortion rights and health-care reform, his outlook is conservative or moderate on others, including the death penalty and gay marriage.

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