Monday, September 20, 2010

Kentucky Social Worker Terminated for being a Lesbian!

A woman was suspended last week from a job with social services for suspension of being a lesbian. The woman wishes to remain anonymous.

The Mt. Washington, KY based Sunrise Children's Services Mission Statement says: "Sunrise Children's Services provides care and hope for hurting families and children through Christ-centered ministries."

According to the discrimination report, sent directly to former Kentucky Equality Federation President Jordan Palmer, who continues to act as public advocate for the organization: "Yesterday they called me to the office and told me I was suspended without pay on suspicions that I am a lesbian."

The woman has now been terminated.

According to the plaintiff: "This job was everything I have ever wanted. They sought me out, made me an offer too good to turn down. To be approached the way I was was heartbreaking; unbelievable is a better word. I'm going to move on, professionally and try to figure out what lesson I can learn from this other than the shallowness and closed mindedness that still exists today.

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