Sunday, October 24, 2010

Kentucky political candidate mocks Wear Purple Day (Spirit Day)

Kentucky Equality Federation founder Jordan Palmer got into a fierce debate with Republican Kentucky Auditor of Public Accounts candidate John T. Kemper III.

Kemper stated the "Wear Purple Day," or "Spirit Day," was a "meaningless gesture," and also stated: "For me Homosexuality is a sin, the same as another sin, adultery, murder, cheating, stealing etc."

Hillbilly Report has the entire story.

However, the debate did not stop with Hillbilly Report. Palmer had posted a personal note condemning Kemper's campaign updates and stated:

OK, John T. Kemper III just annoyed me with this statement: "Got up worship the God who created the universe then went door to door for a great conservative Lyen Crews in the House! The best part was the great response I received from the folks in Woodford County! Carl Rollins is going HOME and look for a job with Ben "Vote & Hide" Chandler!"

Lyen Crews (R) is running for Representative in Kentucky's 56th House District Fayette (part), Franklin (part), and Woodford. Crews is trying to unseat junior Representative Carl Rollins (D), elected in 2007.

His [Kemper's] other post says: "Thank you Scott County for a warm welcome during the Tea Party! Republicans are go to take a huge step towards restoring sanity to government. Young gun Andy Barr, Georgetown Mayor Karen Tingle-Sames a TRUE Conservative and Tea Party favorite Rand Paul! Come on November 2, 2010!"
I personally do not want to know about your conservative anti-LGBTI prayers to God (who you no doubt also believe hates LGBTI people).  If your "morals" are so much better than ours [the LGBT community], they why not get on a Horse and ride with them out of here?

"I've had it with Republicans and Tea Party idiots spouting off stupid remarks such as Kentucky Whitley County Judge Executive Pat White, Jr., State of New York Governor's candidate Carl Paladino, the Republican Party of Texas, or Minnesota Tea Party Leader Tim Ravndal.

YOU people are the reasons for the gay suicides and school bullying and those like you. Don't you understand that when you open that mouth of yours just to put your other foot in it with your self-serving anti-gay dogma that a child is listening on some other room or reading it on the internet."

A lot of people have commented on Palmer's personal "note" to Kemper.  Kemper himself got into another heated debate with Palmer on the "note" but has since stopped responding since so many people have attacked Kemper and defended Palmer.  

NOTICE: Kentucky Equality Federation supported "Wear Purple Day," but did not authorize or sanction the comments made by Palmer, they are his own personal statements.  Palmer is a co-founder of Kentucky Equality Federation who resigned as president after serving since its creation. At the request of the Board of Directors, Palmer returned as "Interim President" until a replacement is found.

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