Monday, April 11, 2011

Come Together Kentucky 2011

By: Jordan Palmer

Come Together Kentucky 2011 was hosted by Morehead State University's ALLYance.

ALLYance members are dedicated, supportive, open, and loving.  

Never did I pass an ALLYance member who didn't say hello and/or extend their hand to me. Their attitudes speak both to the wonderful college students and individuals they are in addition to the entire University and the people who nurture them.

The dedication, work, and time ALLYance put into organizing Come Together Kentucky 2011 was amazing.  From Toni Hobbs, Sheena Thompson, Kristy Hayes, to the President, Treasurer, Vice President, etc. of ALLYance, they are all truly unique and loving people.

Kentucky Equality Federation attended Come Together Kentucky 2011, gave money to Morehead State University ALLYance, and helped ensured next years Come Together Kentucky will be held at the University of Louisville at the request of Brian Buford (after Mr. Burford, Toni Hobbs and I discussed it briefly).

Mr. Buford asked me how a University gets to host Come Together Kentucky, I brought him and Ms. Hobbs together, gave my opinion, and she happily passed the torch.

It brought joy to me to see the look in Brian Buford's eyes that Come Together Kentucky 2012 will be held at the University of Louisville. Shortly thereafter, Mr. Buford began writing down ideas (for an event a year away) and it brought genuine happiness to me that I was able to play a small role in helping him get something for the University of Louisville he wanted with all his heart.

When you see enthusiasm in someones eyes, you realize why you are fighting for equality, and there was a lot of enthusiasm at Come Together Kentucky 2011 thanks to ALLYance.  

Brian Buford is the director of the University of Louisville's Office LGBT Services.  Toni Hobbs is a co-founder and current adviser to Morehead State University's ALLYance.  Special thanks to Ms. Hobbs for passing the torch to the University of Louisville next year; I cannot wait to see what they put together.

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