Monday, January 23, 2012

Lexington deprived of a progressive Senator - Senator Kathy W. Stein

How truly said for the Commonwealth, lead by Senate President David Williams, that Senator Kathy W. Stein, one of the only progressives in the Kentucky Senate will be out of a job when her current term expires.

In politics nothing is without calculated moves, it's like a game of Chess, move and counter move until you are in Checkmate. Senate President Williams saw an opportunity to get a progressive voice out of the Senate and jumped at the chance.

Senate President David Williams doesn't care what is best for the Commonwealth nor its citizens, only how he can remain in power in the Senate (much the same way former Governor Fletcher did during his last days in office).

President Williams values consist of a crude calculation of how he can remain in office. His flip-flops on important issues are by now, legendary across the Commonwealth. Let us not forget that he once asked Senator Stein to apologize for a statement she made at a rally in the Kentucky Capitol. President Williams doesn't like outspoken Women such as Senator Kathy W. Stein, much less one who will not "rollover" to his leadership and demands.

Kathy W. Stein has been a tremendous asset to the Commonwealth.

Though some say this maybe unconstitutional, it has been made law. Only the Kentucky Supreme Court can rule on this case, because it deals exclusively with Kentucky law, the U.S. Supreme Court cannot hear the argument just as they could not hear the arguments about smoking bans in the Commonwealth.

Hillbilly Report has her on video during a protest in Lexington, who has just lost a Senator.

Let no mistake be made, Senator Stein was removed from the Senate because she fights for equality, civil rights, and actually communicates with her constituents.

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