Tuesday, February 5, 2013

United Kingdom Parliament moves to approve gay marriage

The United Kingdom moved today to approve gay marriage. The bill will still have to receive line-by-line scrutiny in the Commons, and then it will have to get through the Lords, but the size of the majority, and the fact that the leaders of all three main parties are in favor, suggest that it is now inevitable that gay marriage will become law after Royal Assent from Queen Elizabeth II. The Monarch can legally refuse it and it will not become law; in practice, the Monarch follows the votes of her Government's elected officials: http://www.parliament.uk/site-information/glossary/royal-assent/

Kentucky Equality Federation President Jordan Palmer noted: "It is truly sad that our former motherland is so far ahead of us socially. We broke off to have religious freedom, equality, freedom from taxation without Representation, etc. 'We, the people of the Commonwealth of Kentucky........... do ordain and establish this Constitution.' Well, we have fallen so far behind them in Kentucky, as has our entire Union and it is going to take a lot of advocacy and government reform to catch-up.

Kentucky doesn't even have a statewide equality law yet, much mess gender-neutral marriage!"

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