Friday, January 14, 2011

Governor Steven Beshear responds to Kentucky Equality Federation

Before being appointed Managing Director of Marriage Equality Kentucky, Mr. Halyn Roth contacted Governor Steve Beshear as Kentucky Equality Federation's Southern Kentucky Regional Director about the Equality Bill currently beng considered in the Kentucky House and Senate.

The Bills are House Bill 106, House Bill 117, and Senate Bill 138.  Click here to sign the petition.

Commonwealth of Kentucky
Office of the Governor

Thank you for contacting me about Rep. Mary Lou Marzian's proposed statewide ban on discrimination with regard to housing, employment and credit. I appreciate knowing your perspective.

I believe that every person must be afforded equal rights and equal access to justice, regardless of their race, religion, gender, gender identity or sexual orientation. Just as I have done throughout my career in the public and private sector, as Governor I continue to oppose discrimination in all forms. For example, not long after taking office, I signed an executive order restoring equal opportunity employment to all state employees and prospective employees. Under the order, no state worker or applicant can be hired or fired based on race, age, religion, sexual orientation or gender identity, ancestry, disability or veteran status.

I hope that you will also let your state legislators and the legislative leadership know your thoughts in support of Rep. Marzian's bill, since any change in state law will first have to pass the House and Senate.

Thank you again for sharing your views. Please feel free to contact me whenever an issue is important to you.


Steven L. Beshear

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Note:  Marriage Equality Kentucky is a member of, and sponsored by Kentucky Equality Federation.

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