Monday, January 31, 2011

New Hampshire Newspaper Posts neo-Nazi Letter - Don't be timid, GOP

The managing editor of the Concord Monitor and New Hampshire Patriot
, a newspaper in the state of New Hampshire should have exercised better editorial judgment and not published this hate speech.

The contributor, Allison Caldwell also makes many spelling/grammar mistakes.

Remember, a child or teenager will likely read or see this in print or on the internet (especially in web searches related to the Republican Party, or the history of the Nazi's for homework).

Don't be timid, GOP
Allison Caldwell, Pembroke
For the Monitor
January 30, 2011

With the new Republican dominance and leadership at the New Hampshire Legislature I might expect the former occupiers to act in a negative and vile manner. The Democrats' complaints over guns in the State House is one example. For year and years permitted gun owners carried at the State House. It was only with the Democratic Party surge in 2008 that the anti-gun carry law was passed to stop gun carry in the house of the people.

My disappointment with the Republicans, and it's an old story with them, is when they have the political power the people give them, they're timid in having the courage to use it. As a neo-Nazi I would certainly have rolled back as much of the culture-dissolving legislation as these new-day Bolsheviks* have been trying to perpetrate against our U.S. Constitution and the American people. Unfortunately, the Republican Party does a money calculation before it acts decisively on social and cultural issues. Roll back gay marriage; you have the power.

Pembroke, New Hampshire

* NOTE:  During the days of the Cold War in the United Kingdom, labor union leaders and other leftists were sometimes derisively described as "Bolshie". The usage is roughly equivalent to the term "Commie", "Red" or "pinko" in the United States during the same period. Adolf Hitler, Joseph Goebbels and other Nazi leaders also used it.
ADVICE:  Ms. Caldwell, we urge you to seek therapy from a highly trained and qualified therapist!

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