Saturday, March 5, 2011

Community donates to HIV/AIDS Organizations in Kentucky to spite the Westboro Baptist Church

The dogma preached by the Westboro Baptist Church should be transformed into a positive event instead of a negative one by engaging the community to get involved and support local and statewide organizations for people suffering with HIV/AIDS.

From the Courier-Journal: Members of Westboro Baptist Church in Kansas have announced plans for protests Sunday at a Louisville parish and three Owensboro churches. The independent Baptist group said in faxes to The Courier-Journal that it would target two Catholic and two Protestant churches, claiming that "God hates Catholics" and "God hates lying false prophets" and using slurs against gay people, the pope and others.

The group plans three protests on Sunday morning in Owensboro — at Blessed Mother Catholic Church, Owensboro Christian Church and Bellevue Baptist Church. It then plans to picket St. Lawrence Catholic Church in Louisville just before its afternoon Mass.

Of the four churches, the Westboro faxes only gave a specific reason for protests at Blessed Mother, capitalizing on the suicide outside the church last month of a young man who left a final note describing the trauma of being sexually abused.

Kentucky Equality Federation wants to engage the community to get involved and support local and statewide organizations for people suffering with HIV or AIDS.  Make to donation to HIV/AIDS Organizations in the Commonwealth in the name of "Westboro Baptist Church."

Click here for a list of people who have donated!

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